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Houston maternity portrait photographer, Lisa Carr, CPP, photographed this maternity portrait in the studio. The gown she is wearing as well as the wrap in this portrait are from our Prop Closet. We have a variety of gowns to choose from for your session. You have unlimited wardrobe changes during your portrait session. All of our maternity gowns are custom designed specifically for Pregnancy Portraits, and can easily be clipped and pinned so it fits you perfectly. We have gowns that can show off your bump as well as some that are sheer and can delicately showcase your baby bump.

Belly to Baby Studios is a full service portrait studio, offering Maternity portraits, newborn portraits as well as a Baby Plan for your little bundle of joy. Our studio is located in a professional office building minutes from The Galleria, 77057. Our studio has a lounge area with WIFI so you can easily relax and rest during your newborn and maternity sessions. To learn more about our maternity sessions as well as our Maternity + Newborn Sessions Combo, visit, or call us at 713-461-2862. We would love to chat with you about your session and share in this exciting time in your life.



Houston Pregnancy and newborn photographer

Houston Pregnancy and newborn photographer, Lisa Carr, with Belly to Baby Studios recently captured this Mom’s pregnancy portrait in the studio. Pregnancy, and expecting a child, is an important milestone in a family’s life. This is the perfect time to document this special gift with a professional maternity portrait session. Our studio offers our clients access to our private gown closet for their maternity portrait sessions, such as the gown shown here. We have over 10 custom gowns to choose from that will flatter anyone’s body. We also partner with a nearby salon that offers hair and makeup for our portrait clients. You will arrive at the studio with your hair and makeup already done, and then after your session you can enjoy a date with your love.

We recommend scheduling your pregnancy portrait session sometime between weeks 31-36, so you can be comfortable during your session. After your session, we will schedule a time for you to come back in and view and order your custom portraits. We can show you, virtually, your home with an appropriately sized portrait for the wall. This helps especially when you are not sure which size portrait would look best. We also offer custom framing for your portraits.

You can view more of our Maternity Portraits here and our Newborn Portraits here. Our studio is conveniently located in the Galleria area. Call us at 713-461-2862 and we can schedule and discuss your maternity and newborn portrait session.

To book Lisa Carr, CPP for your maternity photography, newborn boy portraits, newborn girl portraits, baby photography, child or family portrait sessions, please contact us at the studio 713-461-2862 ; during normal business hours or email us at and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.



Houston Pregnancy & Newborn Photographers

Houston Pregnancy & Newborn Photographers
What is in our Prop Closet?

As one of Houston’s top pregnancy and newborn photographers , we are often asked this question: What do you have in your prop closet? We are a full service maternity and newborn portrait studio and offer options to our clients. We carry a variety of props, wraps, hats, accessories for your newborn portraits as well as the gowns you see on our site for our pregnant clients to wear during their maternity portraits.

Our studio is located in a commercial office building near the Galleria.
It is equipped with a sales room, camera room, and private changing/nursing/relaxation room.

What is in our Prop Closet?
{ Our Prop Closet}
The following items are available in our studio for your newborn session:
• Stretch baby wraps in over 10 colors
• Cheesecloth wraps in various colors
• Baby blankets in many colors, hues and textures
• Flokati rugs
• Plenty of baskets, buckets and bowls
• Headbands and tiebacks
• Tutus for babies and toddlers
• Knit and cotton diaper covers
• Knit hats
• Baby bonnets
• Hair clips and hair bands for babies and children
Our studio carries materials and wraps in many colors and textures.

We also have maternity gowns that are shown in many of the photos you see on the website and on display.

Below are photos of our hats, diaper covers, hair accessories, pants and wraps.

maternity and newborn photographers
Below are photos of our basket fillers, blankets and dresses.

Houston Newborn Photography

You can view more of our newborn portfolio here and our Maternity Portraits here. Houston Pregnancy & Newborn Photographers studio is conveniently located in the Galleria area.
Call us at 713-461-2862 and we can schedule and discuss your portrait session.

Houston Newborn & Family Photography

I cannot wait to be back in our studio in Houston, TX photographing newborn and family portraits for my clients—soon!

I have had several parents contact me in regards to newborn and family photography sessions. I will be back in the studio soon!!! The important thing now is for everyone to stay safe and healthy.

Parents of newborns: we are comfortable photographing newborns outside of the 2 week recommended window. So please do not feel you will not be able to have a newborn session. We will help you with this.

So that we all have something to look forward to we have a special savings on our newborn and family photography sessions in Houston. You can buy now and book later! Our sessions are 20% off for a limited time.

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Here are just a few of our sessions that are available for you to save on: Pregnancy, Newborn, Family, Child, Milestones. We also have savings on our session bundles. The best part of this is these certificates do not expire! You can plan out in the future for your newborn session and family session in time for the holidays!

Houston Newborn & Family Photography

Now is the time to plan your pregnancy, newborn and family portraits. We love helping our clients plan and visualize their portraits in their homes. We will guide you through the portrait planning process and provide options and alternatives for you to hang your treasured portraits in your home. We are a full service studio also offering custom framing for your portraits. We hand select and curate frames that will compliment your portraits and your décor.

To learn more about our studio visit here. Our studio is located in a commercial office building in the Galleria area of Houston, 77057. We are available to schedule phone consults, virtual consults and future sessions. Call the studio at 713-461-2862 and we can help you.

Houston Newborn & Family Photography



How to prepare for your Maternity Portrait Session

When clients call us to book their maternity portrait session, they always ask: What do I need to do to prepare for the maternity portrait session?

Here are 5 helpful tips that will help you prepare and look your best for your pregnancy portraits:

1. Scheduling.
You should schedule your maternity portrait to occur sometime between weeks 32-36 if you are expecting one child, and between weeks 28-32 if you are expecting multiples. The best time of day to schedule is 10-11am or 1pm. You want to still look fresh, alert and not too tired. If you are working, some moms prefer to have their pregnancy photos in the morning and then schedule a doctor’s check up visit for the afternoon or just go into the office in the afternoon time. We have wifi in our studio so you can always work remote or login periodically if you need to.

2. Pampering.
You are taking the time to have your maternity portraits taken by a professional photographer, so you want to look your best right? Go ahead and schedule your hair and makeup to be professional done as well. Remember to also have your nails and toes pampered too! You can always schedule your mani the day before to maximize your time before your maternity session. Your nails will show during your session. Remember to wear a loose fitting dress or button front top when having your make up and hair done. You will change your clothes at the studio before your session and you do not want to risk messing up your hair or makeup. Spoiler alert: you will look and feel amazing after your glam quad session before your portrait. Remember to schedule a date night with your husband and enjoy your night on the town!

3. Rest and Hydration
In the 8-9 months of your pregnancy sleep patterns will change. As your portrait approaches, remember to take it easy and get plenty of rest. You also want to make sure you are staying hydrated in the days leading up to your session. Drink plenty of water!

4. Eat before your session
Depending upon your session time, make sure you eat a full breakfast or lunch and remember to have snacks before and during your portrait session. We do have small snacks and plenty of water for you during your session.

Maternity Photography in Houston

5. Clothing for your maternity portrait session
You are welcome to bring your own clothes for your pregnancy portraits. Most ladies opt to wear the pregnancy gowns we have in our prop closet. We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. The gowns can easily be pinned and loosened as needed to fit you comfortably during your session.

Pregnancy is a milestone time in a woman’s life and a portrait is a wonderful way to always remember this time. As your baby grows they will love looking at your pregnancy portraits.

Belly to Baby Studios is a full service Portrait studio and offers Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby and Family Portraits. We help you and guide you all the way from Portrait session concept to Portrait completion. We love to create finished artwork for our client’s home. The artwork will appreciate over time and provide years of joy. When you view our Portraits and albums, they will take you back to a moment in time that in the end will slip by so quickly.

You can view more of our newborn portfolio here, Maternity Portraits and our Family Portraits here. Our studio is conveniently located in the Galleria area, in a professional office building. We have a private nursing lounge so you can relax and feed your baby between sets.

Call us at 713-461-2862  and we can schedule and discuss your portrait session.

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