Outdoor Maternity and Family Portraits

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Outdoor Maternity and Family Portraits

Family portraits are important now more than ever. In our world of fast-paced busy lives, filled with camera phones and selfies, we often fall short of documenting our precious milestones for future generations to treasure. This is a recent outdoor Maternity and Family Portrait of one of our families. We loved capturing this portrait for Rebecca and John at their home. The girls were excited to be big sisters soon!

They will soon have a baby brother added to their growing family. We helped coordinate clothing selections and the overall feel they wanted in their Maternity Family Portrait. During the session we also took time to capture images of their three girls together. This is all about their relationships and a moment in time.

Family portraiture is a great way to capture the story of your family’s life. From newly engaged couples in love to parents holding their newborns with pride and every milestone in between, family portraiture is the art that tells your story.

Over the years, Michael and I have photographed couples from their engagement sessions and weddings, to their firstborns to their children’s senior portraits, and to their 25th wedding anniversaries. Imagine being able to share those precious milestones with your children and grandchildren for years to come through family portraiture.

That’s why Michael and I connect with our clients to understand the essence of their family. We guide families through the family portraiture process every step of the way, beginning with what to wear.

Houston Newborn Photographer

It is so important to capture the milestones and document your child as he/she changes over the years. The Portraits will appreciate over time and provide years of joy. When you view our Portraits and albums, they will take you back to a moment in time that in the end will slip by so quickly.

Family Portrait Milestones

The recommended hallmark milestones in a child’s life are the following: Newborn, 6 months, 1 year old, 2 years old, 4 years old, 6 years old, 10 years old, 12 years old, 16 years old, high school graduation or 18 years old, college graduation. We also recommend an original family unit portrait when your child is graduating from high school or college. After these milestones, the next major milestone is their bridal portrait or engagement portrait and wedding portraits.

Then the portrait life cycle begins with their new family.

About Belly to Baby Studios

Lisa Carr, of Belly to Baby Studios, is a Houston based full time newborn and family photographer. Our studio photographs maternity portraits, newborn portraits, baby portraits and family portraits. We help you and guide you all the way from Portrait session concept to Portrait completion.

At Belly to Baby Studios, we love to create finished artwork for our client’s home. The artwork will appreciate over time and provide years of joy. When you view our Portraits and albums, they will take you back to a moment in time that in the end will slip by so quickly.

You can view more of our Newborn Portraits , Maternity Portraits and our Family Portraits on our site. Our studio is conveniently located in the Galleria area, in a professional office building. We have a private nursing lounge so you can relax and feed your baby between sets. Call us at 713-461-2862 and we can schedule and discuss your portrait session.  

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