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Maternity, Newborn and Family Portrait
Photographic Products

Belly to Baby Studios is a Houston based full time newborn, baby and family portrait photography studio. Our studio photographs maternity portraits, newborn portraits, baby portraits and family portraits. We help you and guide you all the way from your maternity and newborn Portrait session from concept to Portrait completion.

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Planning Sessions

We are a full service photography studio, and offer personalized one on one service to our clients. Planning sessions are extremely important to prepare for your session. During this meeting, we will discuss your vision in regards to your portrait and where you are thinking of displaying your portraits in your home.

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Your Portrait Artwork

Photographic products

We love to create finished artwork for our client’s home. The artwork will appreciate over time and provide years of joy. When you view our Portraits and albums, they will take you back to a moment in time that in the end will slip by so quickly.

We are a boutique and full service photographic studio and offer finished Portraits and Portrait Albums to our clients. We also offer custom framing for your wall portraits.

Photographic products - Wall Portraits

The artwork you display in your home or office is an investment and must be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. The studio staff will work with you to personally pre-plan and determine sizing for wall Portraits from the sessions. In addition to photographic products, we also offer custom framing, ready to display your portraits in your home or office.

We will discuss the products that are available as well as the prices. We will also send you home with a welcome kit that has all of the studio information. We look forward to meeting you!

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About Belly to Baby Studios

Lisa Carr, of Belly to Baby Studios, is a Houston based full time newborn and family photographer. When you view our Portraits and albums, they will take you back to a moment in time that in the end will slip by so quickly. Call us at 713-461-2862 and we can schedule and discuss your newborn portrait session.

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