When is the Best Time for Newborn Photography?

When is the Best Time for Newborn Photography?

Becoming a new parent during the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely come with it’s own set of challenges. Many new parents either missed out on having a professional newborn photography session due to lockdown restrictions or were hesitant to bring their newborn baby and family into a studio space they were unfamiliar with. Then, there were also the expecting mothers that held off on booking a newborn portrait session because they were not sure if restrictions would be lifted.

They ended up booking a newborn photography session after their newborn had arrived and well beyond the typical 7-14 day recommended timeframe. New parents continue to call me asking if it’s too late to have a newborn session and are wondering if they should just wait until their newborn baby reaches their next milestone. So, when is the best time for newborn photography?

The great news is that it’s never too late to have professional images taken of your new baby!

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Typical newborn sessions are scheduled around the time your newborn is 7 to 14 days old. However, I do photograph newborn babies of all ages. I believe that all parents should be able to have gorgeous newborn portraits to grace the walls of their home.

Whether you decide to book your newborn in at 7 days, 67weeks or at 6-7 months, I can photograph a variety of beautiful newborn and family portraits for you, and capture this very special time for your family.

When your newborn baby is 7 to 14 days old your newborn is more flexible and does tend to enjoy tighter swaddling. This allows me to capture some of the more common newborn poses. Newborn babies are easily curled up, wrapped and can be photographed naked in different newborn photography props which is sometimes harder to achieve with an older newborn baby.

With order newborn babies I will recommend to families that they book the full newborn photography experience that includes family portraits in addition to photos of only your newborn baby. Older newborn babies are more likely going to be wide awake for the duration of the photography session. Family photos taken together will not only help to comfort your older newborn,  but having those family photos capturing the connection between parents and siblings and the new addition to the family will be cherished for many years to come.

When I am photographing newborn babies that are older, I will let them lead the session by allowing them to move around a bit to get comfortable so I can create and photograph those nice relaxed and natural poses. If your newborn baby arrived ahead of time, the 3 to 5 week mark is actually the perfect time to have your professional newborn portrait session. Premature newborns have had the extra time to gain some weight and to adjust to life with their family outside of the NICU.

Alternatively, when your newborn baby turns 6 – 7 months old we can also plan to photograph your baby in studio. Milestone baby portrait sessions are perfect for documenting this special stage where babies are usually sitting up on their own, providing lots of giggles, showing us their big gummy single-tooth smiles and not to mention their cute cubby rolls. It’s also the perfect time to have them photographed with their new favorite stuffy or snuggle toy.

At this age, infants are usually quite content to sit on parents and siblings laps which can provide us with an excellent opportunity to document the new addition to your family with family members. I truly believe it is never too late to schedule a professional photography session for newborns, older babies or young toddlers!

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If you are still worried that you missed out on the perfect time to have a newborn photography session, don’t be! Get in touch with me below and we can discuss all the possibilities for a customized portrait photography session for your baby!

We strive to create artwork for your home that can be hung in a nursery or hallway. Newborns stay this small for a short window of time. So many parents come back to us at 3 months and 6 months to document the growth of their baby. It is very important to capture this time in a baby’s life since they grow so fast.

We encourage you to view our online portfolio and to learn more about our sessions and artwork. We are a full service studio, conveniently located in the Galleria area in a commercial office building. We have a private nursing lounge so you can relax and feed your baby between sets.

We can be reached at 713-461-2862 to discuss your session and help you create art for your home and family to enjoy for years to come.

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